Tulsa Zoo Wish List

Now you can choose how to donate! Introducing the Tulsa Zoo "Wish List".

Enrichment is a very important tool that keepers use to help keep the animals happy and healthy. Enrichment items are designed to promote behaviors that they would demonstrate in the wild. You can help us enrich the lives of our animals by making a donation that goes towards one of the following items. This list will be updated often, so check in regularly to choose your gift! If nothing below suits your fancy, we can always use gift cards from Lowe's, Home Depot, PetSmart or Petco.


2 Lowe’s Gift Card - $20.00

2 Petsmart Gift Card - $20.00

3 Wicker Rustlers - $10.00

3 Kong Rubber Dog Toy - $15.00

2 Bird Treat Pinatas - $10.00 

10 Catnip for all the Big Cats - $8.00

10 Obsession OR other perfume for the Big Cats -$18.00

Petco Gift Cards - limitless

12 Jolly Eggs for Primates- $12.00

12 Jolly Balls for primates and other zoo animals- $15.00

20 Kong toys (XXL) for Chimpanzees - $20.00

10 Bird toy for Macaws- $20.00



To donate an item from this list, make a larger donation, or to learn more, contact Regan Watts at (918) 669-6608. We appreciate your support!