Your Tulsa Zoo has a vision to build a bigger, better zoo. Take a look. 

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Adopt a Zoo Animal
Do you know that you can adopt a Tulsa Zoo animal? No, you can't take one home, but you can contribute to care and habitat through animal adoption.

Art Untamed
Check out unique works by our very own animal artists in residence.

Giving Opportunities
The Tulsa Zoo has many different giving opportunities that can leave a legacy for generations to come. Learn how you can make an impact at your Tulsa Zoo.

Master Plan
The Tulsa Zoo is proud to present its master plan in order to build better exhibits and improve the guest experience over the next 20 years.

Sponsorship Opportunities
WALTZ your way to a fun way to help the zoo, or help us scare up support for not-so-spooky programs to build a better zoo. Learn about sponsorship opportunities available at our signature annual fundraising events here.

Volunteer at the Zoo
Your time is precious. Expand on your love for nature and animals as a volunteer at the Tulsa Zoo. Volunteers are the backbone of the Tulsa Zoo and provide invaluable assistance to visitors, zoo staff, zoo events and the animals in our care.