Helmerich Sea Lion Cove gets all DECKED out!


The new exhibit is getting all DECKED out! We just finished installing a mini-boardwalk for visitors to stroll along. But it's not open yet! Like the rest of the exhibit, it will officially be opened to the public on March 17th - that's this Saturday!


Below is just some of the splashy decor that is going up around the exhibit. This is truly an immersive space, with lots of hidden jems.


The new boardwalk:


Covered seating, which went up a few days ago:


A boat that must have steered off-course! This beauty is just one of many fanciful decorations:


Some of our donor fish went up, too! Here are two of the smaller Capelin plaques:


And last, but not least, a great big sign so you can find your way easily:


And we hope you DO find your way here to the new Helmerich Sea Lion Cove - only at your Tulsa Zoo!