Snooz-a-pa-ZOO-za Family Overnights

Snooz-a-pa-Zoo-za Family Overnight: Scrub-A-Dub!

Birds do it, elephants do it, lions do it, and we do too - keeping clean that is! Join us as we see how some of our animals keep clean year round. We will see a chinchilla take a dust bath, watch chimps play with bubbles, and much more. Spend the evening exploring the zoo trails, having exciting live animal presentations, enjoying interactive games, and more! Wake up in the morning with our "live alarm clock" and explore the zoo as it wakes up for the day.  Register Here!


Who can attend?

This overnight is open to multiple families with children 6 years and older coming together to enjoy our overnight experiences.  All children must be supervised by a guardian or parent and the zoo requires one adult for every 4 children.

Due the amount of hiking and late evening activities we ask that families with children younger than 6 years old not attend.



Friday, April 25 at 6:30 p.m. until Saturday, April 26 at 10 a.m.  



$35 members (per person), $45 non-members (per person). For more information on our Family Overnights, call (918) 669-6222 or email the Education Department at


What is included?

Overnight programs include a themed evening program with live animal presentations, zoo night hike,  games and activities, continental breakfast, morning guided program, and zoo admission after your morning program. 

Participants have the option of staying in our climate-controlled education auditorium or tent camping behind our education center.  In the event of severe weather the zoo will move all participants into our education auditorium.  Please note the zoo has no shower facilities.  We recommend you pack light as participants are required to carry their luggage.  We ask that all families have their camping gear set and are ready to start activities by 7 p.m.  Zoo gates will close at 7 p.m. and late arrivals will not be permitted after this time. 

Please note that dinner is not included.


What you and your family should bring?

Toiletries & Clothing    Sleeping Gear

___Hairbrush          ___Sleeping bag

___Toothbrush       ___Padded sleeping mat or single person inflatable mattress

___Toothpaste       ___Blanket

___Deodorant        ___Pillow

___Washcloth        ___Pajamas      

___Rain gear   

___Comfortable walking shoes

___Weather-appropriate clothing


Personal Items




*Flash photographs are only permitted during the morning portion of the zoo tour.  Flashlights can only be used in the sleeping area and are not allowed on grounds during the tour.  Please note the zoo has no shower facilities.  We recommend you pack light as participants are required to carry their luggage.

You may bring additional items with you for your group.  If you or a member of your group has special dietary needs, please bring items that meet your needs.  Keep in mind that as chaperones, you are responsible for the children during the time they should be sleeping – caffeine and sugar are not recommended.   

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